The Dawnstar Circle

Dawnstar Foundation is a Modern Day Shamanic Mystery School

We study Shamanism and Celtic Mystery School teachings. Workshops bring opportunities to participate in healing ceremonies to strengthen our connection with our more enlightened Self and make mutually nourishing connections in the world around us, working that we become healthier happier cells of Great Spirit, able to let go into our flow in harmony with the universe.

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Freeing ourselves from the perceptions of our conditioned minds and habits we seek to experience for ourselves the consciousness that the Masters and Mystics experienced. A journey of disentangling ourselves, that we can see a greater truth.

Realigning with our life force, our power to accomplish in life the things that give each student   a feeling of purpose and satisfaction, whist co- creating abundance of spirit and abundance in the physical world.

As ongoing work we find ways that we can expand in regaining trust, reconnecting to our gut feelings, being nourished and rebalanced  through nature,  remember our natural self and work with our unique creativity.

 The work is life changing and supports us to stand in our own knowing and become healthy cells of the Great Mystery.

Together with fellow students sharing a vision to become more and more awake and present,light hearted  forward-looking, loving people who will be part of the solution to the challenges on Earth at this potent time.

“As the Dawnstar Circle, we see ourselves as fellow travellers and  friends who share this medicine way of healing. We work with and share with each other what we have learned and know through Sue Moondragon, in our own way and originality, and thus keep the knowledge alive. This closes a cycle of receiving and giving, of learning and teaching, and we celebrate the great potential of our diversity.

The range on these pages is just as diverse: workshops, sweat lodges, annual intensive course, camps, student body, spiritual journeys” .

“I love my life and I choose what I do taking full responsibility for my actions. I do this because that is who I am!”

About Sue Moondragon

Sue Moondragon is a Medicine Woman: a student and teacher of shamanism and the mystery school traditions. She is curious about life, magic, the science and the art of healing and how to live in Beauty. She has studied and practiced shamanism from different cultures, particularly the Toltec and Celtic Shamanic Mystery traditions for the past 45 years.
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A mother of five children, and grandmother of 6 Moondragon follows where the path of the power serves the path of the heart. 

With her deep understanding of alchemy Moondragon creates strong ceremonies, weaving a space to allow Spirit to move and catalyse  healing for each student and the group. Included in the work are the fire ceremonies, sweatlodge/ purification ceremonies using a Fibonacci based structure, vision quests and other personal and group ceremonies


Working with and studying ancient teachings presented on medicine wheels and made relevant for today’s world. These teaching wheels are maps to help us to navigate the journey into the unknown as we work to expand and integrate more of who we truly are.  

SueMoondragon’s shamanic studies began 1981 and she made a commitment as an apprentice to a Toltec Medicine man in 1986. Now she is an Elder with many years of experience as both an ongoing student, and as a teacher and ceremonialist, leading ceremonies, camps and workshops in Britain, Europe and America.

“An inspiring dreamer and visionary, yet is very practical and grounded, and using a light touch and warm-hearted humour, she works as a sacred fool, creating a easy flow in those difficult moments as we awaken.”

“SueMoondragon works effectively, pragmatically and with humour, without unnecessary turmoil and drama, this approach saves a lot of energy and enables fast development…. she brings a lot of „AHA“ moments and helps to see life from different angles according to the teachings medicine wheels”.